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    Driveshafts Romania

    About us

    The CARDANE ROMANIA concept was created after 18 years of experience in the automotive field, including trucks, vans and passenger cars. The LKW division – deals with the manufacture and sale of driveshafts for trucks with parts from the most recognized factories in EUROPE. The MEDIUM-PKW division – deals with the import and sale of driveshafts for vans and passenger cars. These are brought by CARDANE ROMANIA from factories in ENGLAND, SPAIN and GERMANY, factories that in turn produce driveshafts for original equipment. The INDUSTRIAL Division – deals with driveshafts manufacturing, driveshafts modification,driveshafts processing, all at the request of our customers. Besides all our services, perhaps the most important thing is that we offer CONSULTANCY to our clients because our first thought is to be with them and find the optimal solution to solve the situation. The driveshafts are primarily identified for all divisions according to the chassis series and the exact specifications of the manufacturer.



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    Money is not everything! Always be one step ahead and invest in a top quality gimbal! Be with us just as our team is with you!

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